ASCENT (Advocacy, Social Skills, Connections, Empowerment, Negotiation and Transitions) is an extended day services afternoon social club that supports young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with a variety of strengths and ability levels to develop networks and meaningful relationships in their communities.

The group is open to teens and young adults, from age 16 to age 30, who are in the process of transitioning to more independent and self-directed lifestyles.  A major focus of our staff coaches is to cultivate skills that enable participants to be more actively involved as community members.

Young people enrolled in ASCENT meet up to four afternoons each week to practice specific life skills, such as healthy living habits, problem solving, self-advocacy and informed decision-making.Practice occurs in typical community environments that enable participants to gradually experience the opportunity for autonomy, self-regulation, proficiency and self-determination.  Life skill coaches and mentors are available to intercede as needed while allowing participants to learn from safeguarded experiences.  Participants are encouraged to learn how to clearly and appropriately advocate for themselves so they may reach their life goals.

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