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Community Based Day

The Community Based Day Program offers a range of activities that foster active participation in the community with the goal of achieving full social and community inclusion for all program participants. Utilizing varying levels of supports and an experiential approach to learning we work to ensure all participants have full access to community activities and resources. The program engages external agencies, businesses and recreational resources to create strong, dependable networks in order to teach relevant community and academic skills for increasing independence.

Healthy eating and living along with a focus on work and employment are important aspects of the program. Participants in the Community Based Day Program are actively involved in a variety of activities including volunteer work, paid work, recreational and leisure pursuits and the development of a strong sense of self and ability to advocate for themselves. Many participants reach the goal of independent employment on a part-time basis and continue to attend the Community Based Day Program on the days they are not working which gives them the opportunity to maintain relationships with friends they have made.

Interns from local colleges further enhance our skilled staff in providing these important services.