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The Price Center in Response to the COVID-19 Virus

March 14, 2020

We are writing to update you regarding The Price Center’s response to the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis. In a meeting this afternoon, we, together with the Board of Directors, decided to close The Price Center’s Day Program at 25-27 Christina St. in Newton for two weeks effective immediately. Our Residential Programs will continue with little change other than the factors itemized below. This difficult decision was made after much consideration and filtering of information from a variety of trusted sources. We want to assure you that this is a preventative measure made in the best interests of the health of our individuals, staff, and the greater Price Center Community. While we have had several individuals and one staff person sent home with illness this week, allow us to emphasize that at this time, we have received no notification of any suspected or known cases of COVID-19 among our individuals served, or staff.

We hope and expect to re-open Monday, March 30. Until then, we will be in close communication with The Price Center’s Board of Directors, DDS, as well as local and State Public Health Agencies. We will update you promptly should anything change.

Residential Program Impact:

  • Residential Programs will continue with 24-hour coverage.
  • We anticipate, greater Price Center resources will be freed up to support our residential team.
  • Please be advised that our Moratorium on visitation for residential programs remains intact until further notice – no non-employee outside parties will be allowed on premises at any of our residential facilities.

We have stepped up our employee screening for all shifts including taking the temperature of all incoming staff.

In addition to email please visit our web-site for updates and please contact Shannon Teles our VP of Programs with program related inquires.


Lou MacDonald                                                            Michelle Fineberg

President, The Price Center                                        Chair, Board of Directors


March 12, 2020

In continuation of our outreach on the Coronavirus situation, following the Governor’s declaration of a State of Emergency in the Commonwealth and the World Health Organization’s declaration of the Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, the Board and I wanted you to know how we have been preparing.

First, these declarations haven’t yet had an impact on our critical support or services, though the State has promised guidance and resources in a conference call earlier late yesterday (3/11/20).  Please keep in mind that the situation is very fluid, we are monitoring our programs and community real-time, and we anticipate specific guidance to be forthcoming shortly from the State.

Our goal is to keep the whole of The Price Center family healthy and to continue to provide uninterrupted support and services. In this effort, our priority is to take all viable precautions to prevent infection and to protect the health and welfare of our employees, clients, and their families to the greatest extent possible.

To that end, we are instituting a one month moratorium – effective immediately - on all visits to The Price Center and our Residential Programs. This visitation moratorium will be evaluated and lifted, or extended as public health circumstances require.  Changes will be posted here. 

Under normal circumstances, we love having visitors, but minimizing “community” contact is a very high priority, according to the many experts we’ve consulted, and given the vulnerability of the population we serve, a necessary precaution. This also impacts many of our “community-based” programs and activities, which we are suspending or altering, for now to minimize risk.

Further, we are:

  • Engaged with health officials to ensure we are carefully following their recommendations;
  • Working closely with our cleaners to clean the facilities daily to minimize the risk of transmission (and in fact taking on additional responsibilities internally);
  • Training staff to evaluate and react to daily circumstances and to ensure proper hygiene is coached, supported, and practiced by everyone at The Price Center and our residences;
  • Developing appropriate protocols for isolation and treatment of any individuals exhibiting symptoms; and
  • Developing  contingency plans with other agencies and local and state officials.

To this point, The Price Center has not recorded any cases of Covid-19 and we are doing everything we can to avoid that possibility while putting responsible contingency plans in place.

In addition to making every effort to protect our community, we are committed to keeping you informed. Please continue to review our website for the latest updates.


Lou MacDonald                                                            Michelle Fineberg

President, The Price Center                                        Chair, Board of Directors