Employee of the Week! October 2, 2020 – Craig Carter

The Price Center recognizes Craig Carter as the Employee of the week for October 2, 2020

This week Craig Carter has been chosen as Employee of the Week! Craig has been our Facilities Manager and has helped The Price Center immensely during his time with us. He meets everyone with a smile (even underneath the mask) at The Price Center and makes sure to attend to everyone’s needs. Thank you Craig for all your hard work!

“I would like to nominate Craig, his commitment and tireless energy he puts into the many different challenges that cross his desk. He has a great attitude and is always quick to respond.” – Lori Harrington, Director of Employment & CBDS

“I would second Lori’s nomination of Craig. He has been phenomenal through this entire Covid period and day to day is very pleasant and responsive to any need we have in our program.” – Karen Manning, Director of Family Support

“Craig, we appreciate you and all of your hard work so much! There have been so many unforeseen challenges thrown at you and you always handle them promptly and with such a positive attitude.” – Jaclyn O’Brien, Assistant Director of Employment & CBDS


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