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Employment Services

The Price Center’s Employment Services Program offers a comprehensive range of pre-employment, job training and job placements for potential jobseekers with diverse abilities and skills.

Recognizing that a job can be an important part of a fulfilling life, the Employment Services staff work with each person to conduct individualized skills assessments, to help identify their abilities in order to match it along with their interests to job opportunities. 

Employment Services is located in the Administration area of The Price Center enabling individuals to learn appropriate business behavior. Training and job coaching help job seekers become “job ready”.  Through simulation and on the job training, job seekers learn the communication, behavioral and social skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.  Options range from work crews to independent jobs for individuals in the business community. Employment placement staff match individuals with real jobs that suit their skills and interests, and provide ongoing support services including career planning, skills training, and professional development.  Earning a paycheck is a uniquely powerful way to foster feelings of self-sufficiency and accomplishment.