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The individuals we serve inspire me. They are my reason for running!

The 127th Boston Marathon will be Suzanne’s 1st marathon. In 2018, during her Junior year at Mount Ida, the college closed. She became severely depressed — never experiencing a senior year to play collegiate field hockey and saying goodbye to friends sooner than imagined. At the advice of her doctor, she focused on a future goal — to run a marathon by the time she was 25.  

In the Fall of 2018, she changed her mind set and began to run. Suzanne always disliked running but nonetheless started to train for a 5k. In 2019, she signed up for her first Half Marathon — training extremely hard — and in February 2020 ran the Hyannis Half Marathon in 1 hour and 57 minutes.  

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Shortly after, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit but Suzanne continued to run. In 2021, she invested in a Peloton treadmill which changed the way she viewed running. She now had a virtual community of coaches and fellow runners training beside her — offering daily support.  

Suzanne has run 4-half marathons, several 10ks, 5ks and 4 milers. In April 2022, she ran a 5k in St. Augustine, Florida and placed 2nd in her division. When she is not running, Suzanne continues to live an active lifestyle — biking, walking, attending yoga and strength classes. Suzanne loves spending time with her friends and family at the Cape and enjoys the company of her dog, Marina.  

“Looking back at my younger self, I never imagined I could be a runner. I don’t run for pace or distance, I run for my mental health and the individuals we serve at the Price Center. They truly inspire me.” 

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Suzanne Thibault has been with The Price Center since 2018. Today, she works as the Program Innovation Manager — coordinating virtual programming and services for Price Center Participants. Suzanne is currently enrolled at Lesley College where she is working towards her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Trauma Studies. 


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