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The Price Center empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive in their living, social and work communities.


We will be a model service organization in which individuality and choices for people shape the expansion, diversification and innovation of our community based services. Through collaborative efforts to provide excellent, flexible and creative services, we will meet the ever-changing needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


  • Respect individuality
  • Value individual preference and diversity
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Promote personal and professional growth
  • Encourage full participation in community life
  • Exceed standards for quality and safety
  • Adhere to highest ethical standards
  • Utilize resources responsibly



The Price Center was first incorporated in 1977 when societal, legislative and regulatory mandates were just beginning to focus on the "de-institutionalization" of individuals living with developmental disabilities. To the greatest degree possible for each individual, independent living in the larger community was to become the goal. 

For forty years, people with developmental disabilities and their families from throughout the greater Boston area have relied on The Price Center for residential, day habilitation and employment programs that foster the individuals’ self-confidence and maximize their physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities.

The Price Center was founded in 1977 in response to urgent requests by parents with adult children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who were about to age out of the public school system.  The Center began by offering vocational services to adults with intellectual and developmental in Newton, Massachusetts.

As the needs of this population grew over the years, the Center added additional programs.  The Center's first day habilitation program was launched in Dedham in 1987. Ten years later, The Price Center began its residential programs, taking ownership of Humanity House in Brookline in 1997. Over the course of the ensuing decade, The Price Center opened three additional residences, expanded its day habilitation program to Newton and established a robust employment services program, also in Newton.

In 2015, The Price Center purchased and renovated a 52,000 square foot, two-story building at 25-27 Christina Street in Newton. The new state-of-the-art building provides The Center the opportunity to expand services enabling more individuals to receive the unmatched care and attention that The Price Center is known for providing.

The prevalence of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis has risen dramatically over the last ten years, indicating a sharp rise in the need for services as those children “age out” of their school districts’ programs. With the new building, The Center is able to serve those individuals and add specific programs designed for them.

The Price Center has continually achieved successful expansion of services and increased the number of people served through careful management of its resources and tight discipline to its regularly updated strategic plan.