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Residential Living and Individual Supports

The Price Center offers a continuum of residential support services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Greater Boston communities. Services range from total care for people with profound disabilities to homes that foster independent community-based living for individuals capable of relatively high levels of self-sufficiency.

Residential Living

The Price Center’s fully staffed residential homes provide opportunities for a safe, comfortable and inviting environment.  Longevity and consistency of staff bring a family like feeling to the individuals living in the homes. The Price Center takes pride in ensuring that the individuals are encouraged and supported in achieving their personal goals, that their interests are being met both in the community and at home, and that they are connecting with friends and family.  The Price Center takes a person-centered approach to:

  • Treating individuals with dignity and respect
  • Building on their strengths and talents
  • Helping individuals connect to their community and develop relationships
  • Listening and acting on what the individual communicates
  • Taking time to know and understand individuals and the things that make them unique
  • Establishing home routines
  • Encouraging unique recreational and social activities based on their interests that take place in a variety of community settings

We currently operate four homes within the Newton and Brookline areas of Massachusetts.  All homes are accessible via public transportation.

Individual Supports

The Price Center also provides support to individuals living in their own apartments that require less than 40 hours of staffing support per week. Our goal is to support the individuals to live as independently as possible while pursuing their dreams, joys, and challenges of everyday life. The Price Center works hard to provide staff that is flexible in providing support according to the changing needs of the individuals and their work and social schedules. With staff support, individuals are able to get assistance with medical appointments, menu planning, financial management, leisure time planning, enjoying community activities and using public transportation.