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Specialized Supports

The Specialized Supports program serves adults over the age of 22 who exhibit characteristics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The program is funded by the Department of Developmental Services.  Staffing ratios are typically 1 staff to 3 participants.  We also serve people funded at a lower staff to participant ratio.

Activities are very active and creative.  These activities differ from day to day and typically involve exercise, movement, community and/or socially based outings. Examples of outings include swimming at the YMCA as well as Houghton’s Pond, visiting the Franklin Park Zoo, Drumlin Farm, Blue Hill Reservation, engaging in scavenger hunts at local shops, and most recently a visit to the Museum of Science. 

The majority of participants in the Specialized Supports Program are non-verbal and/or have difficulty with verbal communication.  Communication skills are taught through the use of visuals, technology and/or visual prompts.  Visual supports are strongly emphasized and incorporated throughout the day to enhance and support our teaching strategies.  In addition, sign language is taught and practiced throughout the week. Lessons, trainings, and programs lasting from fifteen to forty five minutes are also taught throughout the day.

The Specialized Supports program also pairs with groups and individuals from other programs at the Price Center.  These individuals serve as role models and assist in the skill acquisition process. The Specialized Supports participants have the opportunity to do paid work and additionally do volunteer work in several different community settings. The goal of this program is to stimulate learning, communication, appropriate behavior and skill building through social and work related activities inside and outside of The Price Center.

The Specialized Supports Program employs weekly consultation from a Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist who is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst at the doctorate level.