A Festival to Fall For

On Saturday, September 23rd, The Price Center hosted the 2nd Annual Fall Festival/45th Birthday Celebration (presented by Bernkopf Goodman and The Village Bank). Many family members, staff, and participants came and celebrated our birthday with us!

“When a group of parents got together to think about what was going to happen to their kids, they knew that if they wanted a place, they would have to create it,” said Board Chairperson Michelle Fineberg. “So, this group of visionary parents decided that they would create a day program where their kids could go every day to feel productive, to feel valued, to feel appreciated…and in that vision came The Price Center.”

“One of the things that we have to remember is that we all are responsible for each other in this community. We are a community brought together through our children and their diverse needs, being able to support them and give them this place they can call their own…I would love for all of us to take the legacy that they built and take responsibility for that legacy and continue to build The Price Center to something we can all be proud of. So I am going to ask all of you to do something on this 45th birthday…The gift that I would like all of you to give to The Price Center: I would like you to be a part of this community: volunteer, join a committee, advocate for better funding, donate money. Let’s make sure that we get to celebrate 90 together; that this is just the beginning of The Price Center’s history and its legacy, and so all of us together should celebrate those 45 years of success that The Price Center has had. Thank you all for being here!”

From sponsorships, donations, raffle items, silent auctions, merch sales and more, we raised over $31,000! We could not be more thankful for our devoted families, community partners, sponsors, and staff members for helping pull off such a successful event. We thank you for attending and hope to see even more of you next year!

A Call for Visionary Leadership: Seeking Our Next CEO

As we stand on the brink of an exciting new chapter, The Price Center seeks a new CEO to guide us through an era of growth and innovation. Our mission, to foster personal growth, community integration, and a nurturing environment for everyone we serve, is at the heart of our search. 



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