Our Community Day Programs

Our Community Day programs offers a range of activities that foster active participation in the community with the goal of achieving full social and community inclusion for all program participants. Participants engage in a range of activities that span volunteer and/or paid work along with recreational and leisure pursuits. These activities aim to develop of a strong sense of self and the ability to self-advocate.

Community Based Day Services

Our Community Based Day Program offers a range of activities which promote two areas: health and wellness and employment. Both areas engage participants in community activities and also teach them to advocate for themselves.

Those focused on getting a job spend part of their day with Employment Services staff working on training and preparing for interviews. Training takes place in a simulated office environment where they learn scanning, electronic filing, and other computer skills. When individuals are not at their paid jobs, they also attend Community Based Day with their friends and continue to learn.

For more information about The Price Center Community Day Programs, please email communityday@thepricecenter.org or call 617-244-0065.

Specialized Supports

Specialized Supports serves individuals who need assistance with communication, behavior, and social skills. Many individuals in this program have autism and need extra help with verbal communication. Staffing ratios typically are one staff to three participants so each can benefit from personalized attention.

Our staff use visual schedules, choice boards, behavior incentive programs, social stories, and individualized limit-setting using iPad applications, communication boards, and other technology. As individuals gain increased independence and general life skills, they are able to participate more in the community and gain greater independence, leading to more participation in group activities and work opportunities. As their communication improves, many participate in volunteer work, and some ultimately will get a paid job.

Participants enjoy many activities including swimming, special outings, hiking, and shopping. We also offer yoga, art, and music therapy. An on-site Sensory Room provides a quiet space to prepare for learning and interacting with others.

For more information about The Price Center Community Day Programs, please email communityday@thepricecenter.org or call 617-244-0065.

A Call for Visionary Leadership: Seeking Our Next CEO

As we stand on the brink of an exciting new chapter, The Price Center seeks a new CEO to guide us through an era of growth and innovation. Our mission, to foster personal growth, community integration, and a nurturing environment for everyone we serve, is at the heart of our search. 



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