Our Day Habilitation Programs

Day Habilitation is a medically-based program tailored to each individual’s unique needs and offers clinical services include nursing care, occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, language and communication therapy, behavioral intervention, and mobility and expression therapy. Individuals develop skills to communicate, interact socially and become more self-reliant. They benefit from a variety of activities that focus on Adaptive Technology, including the use of IPad, behavioral supports, communication support and development, health and wellness, socialization, and daily living skills.

Intensive Day Habilitation

Intensive Day Habilitation is a comprehensive therapeutic day program designed for predominantly non-verbal and non-ambulatory individuals with significant medical, developmental, and other associated disabilities. Programming focuses on communication, social engagement, gross motor development, and the use of adaptive equipment and assistive technology. Services are provided with more nursing and staff support to ensure that each individual can participate in all activities.

For more information about The Price Center Community Intensive Day Habilitation Program, please email dayhab@thepricecenter.org or call 617-244-0065.

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