Employment  Services

The Employment Services program recognizes that a job – volunteer or paid — can be very rewarding and fulfilling to our individuals. Our job coaches provide skills assessment, pre-employment job training, and job placements for individuals with diverse abilities and skills.

An impressive 95% of those employed through The Price Center are still in their jobs one year later, and some move on to higher-paying jobs. Once Employment Services staff understand an individual’s skills and interests, they help them become “job-ready” by teaching appropriate business behavior through simulation and on-the-job training.

Our job developer connects individuals with employers in the community. When a job is identified that matches the skills, interests, and abilities of our individuals, staff start to prepare them for an interview. Once they begin a job, their job coach maintains contact with the employer for a year or longer and provides support in the workplace, if needed. This is an ongoing process and our coaches are always available to provide more training or support to help the individual be successful. In the process, individuals make new friends, gain confidence, and earn a steady income. Not only are family members proud, but the employers gain loyal, dedicated workers.

For more information about The Price Center Employment Services, please email es@thepricecenter.org or call 617-244-0065.

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