Run with Heart and Purpose: Suzie Thibault’s Inspiring Marathon for The Price Center

A Journey Fueled by Passion: Suzie Thibault, our beloved Program Innovation Manager, is full of excitement as she prepares for the 128th Boston Marathon, which will be her last for The Price Center. For Suzie, this marathon is more than just a run; it’s a journey of the heart. Returning for her second year, she’s not just braving the challenging course, but she’s also passionately supporting The Price Center. Join “Suzie’s Squad” and be part of this exciting journey!

Suzie’s Squad Swag: A Fashionable Way to Show Support: Add a dash of enthusiasm to your wardrobe with our exclusive Suzie’s Squad merchandise. Each item you purchase is a statement of support, combining style with heartfelt purpose. All proceeds and donations through GivenGain are dedicated to uplifting The Price Center. Wear your heart on your sleeve and join us in making a fashionable and philanthropic impact. 

Donate to Make a Difference and Be Recognized: Here’s an exciting opportunity to shine! Be among the first 30 to donate $100 and see your name, your company’s name, or a personal message featured prominently on Suzie’s marathon attire. It’s not just a donation; it’s a way to be an integral part of the marathon excitement and contribute to a meaningful cause in a very visible way.

Suzie’s Eco-Friendly Initiative: Suzie is leading an inspiring green initiative, transforming everyday redeemable cans and bottles into a source of funding for a noble purpose. When you contribute your recyclables, you’re doing more than just helping the environment – you’re actively supporting our cause. To join this eco-friendly movement, please contact The Price Center at (617) 259-6100. Every small act of recycling is a big step towards our collective goal.

Suzie’s Heartfelt Words: “Running the Boston Marathon for The Price Center is not just a challenge, but a joy and an honor. The overwhelming encouragement I received last year has inspired me to hit the pavement once again. This race symbolizes more than physical endurance; it’s a celebration of our unity and dedication to the Price Center family.”

Step Forward in Support: Are you ready to join forces with Suzie? Click the link below to donate. Every step she takes is a leap forward for The Price Center, and with your support, we can make each mile count!

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