The Price Center in Response to the COVID-19 Virus

Download the September 1, 2020 Re-Opening Plan ( click here )

September 1, 2020

Dear Price Center Community Member:

While the pandemic remains a concern to all, in accordance with the State’s reopening initiative, the staff at The Price Center have been hard at work crafting guidelines and practices to inform our incremental approach to reopening in order to better manage COVID-19 risks and restore much needed services to our families and the individuals we serve.

On August 10, 2020, The Price Center launched Phase 1 of our day program reopening strategy.  As an agency, we made the decision to reopen very slowly and will continue to accept individuals back into the program selectively based upon need, risk factors, and ability to comply with safety measures such as mask wearing, social distancing, etc.  The health and safety of the individuals we serve and staff is our prime consideration.  At the end of week 3, we had a total of 21 individuals attending our Christina Street day programs (7 in Community Based Day and Specialized Supports, and 14 in our two Day Habilitation Programs). 

Our Phase 1 reopening assessed individuals based upon various factors such as risk/benefit, and ability to tolerate a mask or face shield.  Availability of transportation and readiness to return were also considered.  Phase 1 is a small representation of our Price Center community.  As we successfully near the beginning of Phase 2, we are expanding the number of individuals attending our day programs to those who will access other means of transportation (i.e. The RIDE, Mass Health and DDS funded transportation) and are able to practice social distancing but may not be able to tolerate wearing a mask or face shield.

This letter and its attachments contain important information relating to reopening including the special precautionary policies and practices we will be following to minimize the risks of COVID-19 transmission among the individuals we serve, our employees, and others.  Although, your loved one may not be returning back in Phase 2, we feel it is important for you to know how seriously we take health and safety and all of the safeguards we have in place.

In addition to our updated policies and practices, our program activities and group structures have been modified to assure appropriate social distancing, use of masks, and improved hygiene.  Additionally, we have made significant changes to our spacious facility to better accommodate ventilation and social distancing needs.  The attached documents will detail all of the precautionary steps we have taken to protect the individuals and staff working in our day programs.

Please note that individuals or guardians must complete and return several documents prior to commencing programming. 

  • Signed Attestation of Risk
  • A current comprehensive medication list with dosage, strength, route, time included.
  • Signed physician orders for any medications that will need to be administered at the program. For Individuals attending the Day Habilitation programs only – A current medication list signed by the Health Care Provider may be acceptable. 
  • Signed acknowledgement receipt of The Price Center “Day Programs Re-opening Safety and Health Guidance Handbook”

Our primary concern continues to be for the welfare of the individuals we serve and our employees.  We thank you for your partnership in our efforts to keep all of our individuals and employees safe and healthy.

Please visit our website for updates and feel free to contact your program’s Director with program related inquires.

Thank you,

Lou MacDonald

Chief Executive Officer

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