Join the Hearts United for Abilities Campaign

As we launch the “Hearts United for Abilities” campaign this March, we align our efforts with the spirit of Developmental Disability Awareness Month, celebrating the extraordinary synergy of our community’s collective action. The emblem of our campaign—a circle of hands clasped around The Price Center’s logo—serves as a powerful symbol of unity and support, embodying our core belief in the strength of togetherness. Each hand in the circle represents the diverse members of our community: individuals living with disabilities, their families, and our dedicated staff, all uniting to uplift and empower. 

This month, we not only applaud the resilience and achievements of those with disabilities but also spotlight the critical role of inclusion and support facilitated by our programs. Your contributions are the keys that unlock new possibilities, forging a community where belonging is not just an ideal but a reality. 

Let’s embrace this mission with open hearts. Your generosity is pivotal in enhancing the quality of life for our participants, enabling them to realize their fullest potential. Together, we are crafting a more inclusive world that warmly welcomes all abilities. Join us in this vital journey, as we continue to champion a society that sees beyond limitations and celebrates every individual’s unique contribution. 



A Call for Visionary Leadership: Seeking Our Next CEO

As we stand on the brink of an exciting new chapter, The Price Center seeks a new CEO to guide us through an era of growth and innovation. Our mission, to foster personal growth, community integration, and a nurturing environment for everyone we serve, is at the heart of our search. 


An Evening with the Pops

Join us for a celebration of community, music and shared purpose.


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