(The ASCENT program is temporarily on HOLD)

ASCENT (Advocacy, Social Skills, Connections, Empowerment, Negotiation and Transitions) is an extended day services, supervised, “social club” for young adults between the ages of 22 and 30. The program encourages participants to develop and enhance social skills through networks and community relationships by coaching important life skills. These skills, including healthy living habits, problem solving, self-advocacy, and informed decision making, work together to promote greater independence and appropriately supported self-directed lifestyles.

ASCENT is an afternoon social and community/life skills training program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, aged 22 and older. The program is designed to assist students and young adults to become progressively competent in essential skills. We believe that a combination of direct instruction and real world opportunities to practice skills is the best way for our individuals to become competent in contributing to their communities.

ASCENT staff are chosen and trained as similar-aged mentors that model appropriate attitudes and expected behavior at all times. We promote a motivation to succeed based on an emerging connection with peers and relevant others in the community as we focus on the individual interests and skills of our young participants. The program runs Tuesday through Friday afternoons and operates out of our center in Newton. Activities are community-based and interest-focused as participants learn to effectively interact with local community businesses and public service systems (e.g. the public library, local bank, restaurants, fitness centers, colleges, retail stores, law enforcement agencies, public safety, cultural organizations, etc.).

The program schedule involves a concentration on Life Skills and Social Pragmatics built into the structure of the week. Each month activities rotate on specific topics with each day of the week centering on a specific topic for the entire month. This program is private pay with tuition charged for days attended.

For more information about The Price Center ASCENT Program, please email or call 617-244-0065.


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